Our Niche


We have been in the Warehousing, Distribution, and Transportation business for over fifty years. We have seen everything there is to see. Yet, we are learning something new every day.

Our engineers, who have an average hands-on experience of twenty years in this industry, have successfully installed Productivity Improvement Programs in hundreds of distribution centers worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We have also installed Engineered Labor Standards (ELS) in several Transportation Departments of major American and European companies.

We were the first to develop true and applicable ELS for the Transportation Industry in the early eighties, when all our competitors proclaimed that it couldn’t be done. After almost thirty years of continuous fine-tuning, the ELS for Pre-Trip, Point of Delivery, and Post-Trip operations are still unsurpassed.

To the contrary of other companies that offer a variety of very expensive supply chain solutions, we do not proclaim to be all things to all people.

We focus primarily on the labor measurement and human relations aspects of the business to ensure that the end-results are not only as accurate, fair, cost-effective and arbitration-proof as possible, but also meet employees’ expectations. Acceptance is the key-word and the catalyst for all successful implementations of our Program.

Our ultimate objective is to provide the absolute best work methods and engineered labor standards currently available at the lowest cost.

Today, we can state with total confidence that our Preferred Work Methods and Engineered Labor Standards, combined with a custom-designed Incentive Program, have produced the best productivity gains ever experienced by any company anywhere in the world. A true win-win situation for all parties involved.

Come and see the biggest under-one-roof food distribution center in the USA (2.5 million square feet), where we have just completed the installation of engineered labor standards for the order selection, letdown/replenishment, and putaway operations in all departments.


When it comes to a sophisticated approach to distribution and warehouse management, working with Applied Logistics was a natural. Their systematic approach saved us money and allowed us to run our distribution of nationwide products efficiently. Our partnership benefits all at Lowe's. Joseph Mabry; Executive VP of Logistics & Distribution As one of the largest food & drug retailers in North America, Safeway Inc. is an innovative company founded on a simple value philosophy: taking care of our customers is what Applied Logistics did for us. Reliable and safe distribution and management systems allowed us to maximize our revenue. Jerry Tidwell, Sr. VP Safeway Supply Operations Applied Logistics exemplifies the values of Snap-on. Their strong ability to demonstrate integrity, always respect the company in all situations, promote our teamwork, and listen to our inputs to suggested solutions, has made us value our partnership with Applied Logistics. Over the years our distribution, transportation and warehouse management efficiency has drastically increased due to their innovative software and management process. If you are not using it, you are simply wasting your money! Gary Henning, Operations Development