The Fallacy

How many times have you heard the sentence: “Nobody has ever been fired for hiring IBM?”

Unfortunately, many of today’s managers, especially the ones in the position to make important financial decisions, are more concerned with being “politically correct” than saving money for their companies. After all… it’s company’s money, not their own. So, they usually hire well-known and very expensive consulting companies that often produce lower ROI’s at a higher cost. Make no mistake: somebody has to pay for huge overheads and costly advertising.
Another huge obstacle we usually encounter with potential clients is represented by attitude rather than knowledge. It is not uncommon for us to hear comments like: “ I have been running this business very successfully for over fifteen years and I don’t need an outsider to tell me what to do…” or “ we already have our engineering department and they know what they are doing…”
The truth is that, more often than not, their operations could be substantially improved in terms of productivity and costs reduction, but their ego and lack of specific knowledge is often in the way. Therefore, the results are not as good as they could and should be.
We often talk to managers who think that technology represents the solution to many of their problems. Reality tells us a very different story. We strongly believe that technology can greatly help productivity only if an organization is properly managed. Technology by itself is by no means a substitute for bad management!
Managers should focus primarily on solutions that provide the highest ROI and the shortest PAY-BACK period, investing in labor cost reduction rather than expensive equipment.

The combination of our Preferred Work Methods, Engineered Labor Standards, and a custom-designed Incentive Program represents the ideal solution that can position your business not only to better leverage your existing assets, cut costs, and gain competitive advantage in a down economy, but also to be ready to take full advantage of new business opportunities when the economy recovers.







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