In Agribusiness, labor is your key-controllable cost. Increasing labor productivity and installing methods improvements in all plants makes the difference between profit and loss.

Many plants have high labor turnover. EASEworks, through the use of standardized work and video techniques, provides the ideal training tool for new employees as well as for employees whose performance is not up to management expectations.

EASEworks and Agribusiness

Applied Logistics provides industrial engineering software for the meat processing industry. EASEworks Engineered Labor Standards and Preferred Work Methods are implemented in hundreds of plants that process beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and “case ready” products, as well as in frozen food processing facilities, airline catering, and restaurants.



The Benefits:


Accuracy and Acceptance
When labor represents your major cost, controlling it becomes a top management priority. Engineered Labor Standards developed by EASEworks are more accurate than the ones developed based on traditional stopwatch time studies. These standards are verifiable and are not affected by the subjective rating of the operator. This is the reason why most labor unions worldwide require standards that use these types of engineering measurement.
Optimize Labor 
EASEworks line balancing optimizes your production and packaging lines.
Engineered Labor Standards, based on EASEworks, can be developed, installed, and maintained in a faster and easier manner than by using other technologies. In addition, EASEworks allows for what-ifs, without having to view an alternate method.
EASEworks links your SOP’s, work content, and videos to one integrated system. It’s ideal for training operators in job content and performance. And it’s particularly beneficial in high labor turnover industries.

Applied Logistics Products for Agribusiness

Engineered Labor Standards 
EASEworksprovides lean solutions for labor and performance standards. How long does it take? How long should it take? How do you improve? Is it the best work method? What if? EASEworksalways provides you with an answer to these vital questions.
Line Balancing 
In order to maximize throughput, meet the TAKT time, and minimize cost, effective line balancing is essential in any environment where the work progresses down an assembly line. Effective line balancing is vitally important for a continuous flow manufacturing goal of optionally balanced production lines with little waste, the lowest possible cost, and on-time, defect-free production. EASEworks uses work standards derived from the Work Standards Module to create an initial line balance. It graphically displays the time the part or product spends at each workstation on the line and provides the capability to dynamically re-balance the line to achieve the smoothest, most efficient result.
Work Instructions 
Work Instructions provides manufacturing and planning Engineers with the ability to create plans for any product and process using multimedia, graphics, digital images, and text. You can deliver detailed work instructions to any authorized user via your intranet or by hard copy.
Manufacturing Document Management (MDM) 
EASEworks Document Control System is designed to provide manufacturing with the ability to control the process of creating, maintaining, and delivering critical information to any employee within the company who needs to use or view that information.


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