For the purpose of simplicity, we have subdivided the Automotive Industry in four different categories, namely:


  • Car and Motorcycle Components
  • Car and Motorcycle Spare Parts
  • Car and Motorcycle Accessories
  • Car and Motorcycle Assembly

For each of these categories, Applied Logistics provides a number of professional services with the purpose of streamlining operations and increasing productivity, such as:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Methods Improvement Studies
  • Engineered Labor Standards
  • Incentive-Based Work Plans
  • Supervisory Training
  • Employee Training
  • Performance Analysis

We also provide a software package called “OLEC” which is a customized Labor Management and Reporting System that is explained in detail in the “SERVICES” section of this website under the subtitle “Software Applications.”

Whether you are making auto parts, aftermarket accessories, or transmissions, your bottom line demands an efficient workplace with effective work methods in place. You can improve the process of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and staying profitable. Work Standards developed with EASEworks are more consistent, more accurate, and easier to maintain than standards created by any other method.

Standardize your work with Applied Logistics and EASEworks

How long does it take? How long should it take? How do you improve? Is it the best work method? What if? EASEworks, the Manufacturing Software Package that Applied Logistics uses exclusively for all its manufacturing engineering projects, provides you with both the big picture (assembly roll ups and process planning) and all the details (task analysis) in one integrated solution. Develop more accurate Engineered Labor Standards in half the time with Applied Logistics and EASEworks!
Engineered Labor Standards are a key requirement of lean manufacturing. You can’t manage effectively if you have no benchmarks! EASEworks uses Engineered Labor Standards based on predetermined time studies. These standards, held in process plans and grouped by product family, are easily maintainable and reusable.
Profitability and simplicity are the key drivers for EASEworks.
EASEworks comes with a library of Universal Standard Data. It’s fast and flexible, allowing you to create your own data using the Data Development feature. Or use the library of data to refine your work standards. How long does it take? Should it take that long? How do you improve it? Is it the best work method? Can it be used in other plants? What if we tried this? EASEworks supports lean manufacturing initiatives by graphically illustrating the benefits of establishing standardized work. Equally important, EASEworks makes essential manufacturing knowledge readily available, editable, and reusable.
EASEworks is user-friendly, because it is designed from the outset to be easy to learn and use. Hard-to-learn and difficult-to-use software is often rejected by users, regardless of its technical sophistication.
EASEworks does not require expensive and time-consuming training. With our computer-aided learning tools proficiency is simple. Engineered Labor Standards are no longer produced solely by Industrial Engineers. Many companies need standards for lean manufacturing, but may not have an Industrial Engineering department. EASEworks allows you to get the job done.
What if your product is still on the drawing board? No problem! With EASEworks you can create work standards, best work methods, and routers for pre-production products.
EASEworks makes it easy to train employees. Training at your site means that we train you to apply EASEworks to your products, in your factory, and in a practical, effective manner that truly reflects your needs.
EASEWorks allows for integration with work instructions. Both Engineered Labor Standards and Work Instructions use the same process plans. It’s easy to add process documents to the routings. Industrial and Design Engineers have easy access to related data. It also promotes fast implementation, because it is pre-loaded with a library of industry proven standard data elements. Along with EASEworks powerful database tools, this library will ensure that you get the greatest standards coverage in the shortest time.
As far as warehousing, transportation, and retail operations are concerned, Applied Logistics is capable of providing its customers with a long list of services and products that can be easily integrated with the existing Warehouse Management Systems and Inventory Systems (please click on “SERVICES” in our website).


When it comes to a sophisticated approach to distribution and warehouse management, working with Applied Logistics was a natural. Their systematic approach saved us money and allowed us to run our distribution of nationwide products efficiently. Our partnership benefits all at Lowe's. Joseph Mabry; Executive VP of Logistics & Distribution As one of the largest food & drug retailers in North America, Safeway Inc. is an innovative company founded on a simple value philosophy: taking care of our customers is what Applied Logistics did for us. Reliable and safe distribution and management systems allowed us to maximize our revenue. Jerry Tidwell, Sr. VP Safeway Supply Operations Applied Logistics exemplifies the values of Snap-on. Their strong ability to demonstrate integrity, always respect the company in all situations, promote our teamwork, and listen to our inputs to suggested solutions, has made us value our partnership with Applied Logistics. Over the years our distribution, transportation and warehouse management efficiency has drastically increased due to their innovative software and management process. If you are not using it, you are simply wasting your money! Gary Henning, Operations Development