Layered Process Audits

75% of all defects are due to process non conformance

EASEworks Layered Process Audits (LPA) gives you the tools to improve your quality and defect rates via a web application designed to minimize your administrative time.

LPA is a system of audits performed by multiple levels of supervision and management to monitor key process characteristics and verify process conformance on an ongoing basis. The purpose is to minimize variation in processes, increase quality and error-proofing systems. Done manually, they are very labor intensive to administer. Working with our customers, we have automated the process via a web application.
Originally pioneered by the automotive industry, LPA is now used by many types of manufacturing.


• Reduced Variation 
Reduces build variation based on work standardization. Focusing on process inputs that help achieve first-time quality.
• Reduced Defects 
Reduced non-compliance means reduced defects, eliminating the shipping of non-conforming products.
• Safety 
Safety regulations will be enforced, reducing operator’s injury. Saving money because it’s less costly to have fewer injuries and manufacture products correctly the first time around.
• Reduced Inspection 
An effective LPA program reduces the need for final product inspection. By ensuring that processes run correctly because you are able to personally verify them.
• Facilitates Training 
Operator training and interaction with management will be improved, helping top management become more familiar with shop-floor activities and building a great relationship between management and shop floor personnel. Training gaps will be identified.


• Web Application 
All users can see their schedules online and enter their audits.
• Non Conformance Codes 
All failures reasons are selected from combo boxes by type, allowing consistency of error and the production of Pareto Charts. You can drill down within the Pareto Charts.
• Reusable Questions 
Questions, that can be used in multiple audits, can be shared.
• Easy Administration
Once the LPA program has been set up, it is easy to administer, with schedules, charts, and metrics.
• Metrics
Include charts for completion, coverage, non-conformance, Pareto analysis. All filtered by: date, department, auditor, shift, etc.
• Audit Question Types 
Include Pass/Fail, Acknowledge, Measurements, and Comments.
• Shift Supervisor Acknowledgement 
All non-conformance findings must be acknowledged by the supervisor immediately once found.


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