The retail store activities covered by our services are:


  • Product Replenishment & Arranging
  • Point of Sale
  • Backroom
  • Housekeeping & Sanitation
  • Maintenance
  • Office
A typical work day at a retail store usually starts with the employees attending the daily meeting conducted by the line manager or the store manager, who will brief the team on the previous day’s sales, the stores performance, and the target for the day. During such meetings, the store manager may also discuss specific responsibilities for the day. After the meeting, the staffs will enter their specific department and will arrange the merchandise and place the merchandise in an orderly manner, depending on the type of product they are handling. If its apparels, they will arrange the merchandise product-wise, all formal shirts grouped together, within which all full sleeves should be grouped together and short sleeves grouped together, all plain shirts grouped separately, striped shirts separately and check shirts separately and so on , and then place them style-wise, then color-wise, and then size-wise. Same with the entire bottom wears. All stocks need to be arranged in a top-to-bottom, left-to-right pattern, reason being when a customer browses through the merchandise, the movement of the customer is from the left to the right side and, also, while looking at merchandise placed on shelves, the customer tends to look from top to bottom.

Once the staff has arranged the merchandise neatly, they will have to replenish the stocks sold the previous day. The stocks are replenished from the back-end store warehouse or stock room. The replenishment of stocks need to be made keeping in mind the racking and stacking capacity of the respective fixture where the product is displayed. This is very essential as, if not taken care of, it becomes very difficult for the staffs to manage inventory as well as becomes inconvenient for the customers to pick stocks from the fixture. All staffs working in the perishable and frozen food section should regularly check if the cold storage in the warehouse and the chillers on the store floor are functioning properly or not and their temperature set to the appropriate range. On a day-to-day basis the maintenance staff, along with the relevant floor staff, should ensure that relevant temperature standards required for the various perishable items (e.g. milk and dairy products, meats, frozen desserts) are maintained and items are stacked within the capacity of the chillers.

Applied Logistics provides all the engineering tools necessary to maximize the efficiency, quality, and safety of all major floor operations and office activities in order to minimize costs and improve service. Applied Logistics Preferred Work Methods, Engineered Labor Standards, and Labor Reporting Software have generated synergies capable of increasing productivity by as much as 40% while significantly reducing overtime, product damage, and personal injuries. By putting a great emphasis on improving communication between management and employees, team-work, and employee’s training, Applied Logistics has generated additional intangible savings that have greatly affected the bottom line while drastically improving the working conditions on hundreds of retail stores worldwide.


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