Supervisory Training

Upper management must provide leadership for the program to assure its ongoing success. This calls for a training program.

Our Supervisory Training and Development Program consists in part of training sessions on familiar topics such as leadership, motivation, manpower scheduling, and performance monitoring.
The remaining sessions focus on providing supervision with a basic knowledge of industrial engineering fundamentals and techniques.
The topics most widely addressed include how Engineered Labor Standards are developed, how personal-fatigue-and-delay allowances (PFD) are calculated and applied, and how such programs are administered.
Essentially, we try to turn supervisors into “mini-industrial engineers.”
This “train-the-trainer” approach enables supervisors to give intelligent answers to their employees’ questions while improving their own credibility.
These sessions are followed by hands-on training on the warehouse floor, where the staff is given the opportunity to apply the knowledge previously acquired in the classroom to real work situations.
The training program ensures the ongoing success of the standards implementation long after our engineers have left your facility.


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